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What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy gets to the cause of the problem wherever it is in your body. A gentle hands-on therapy working sensitively with your body’s power to repair and self heal. This non-invasive yet powerful therapy is effective for everyone, including babies and the elderly.


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Nicky Withers treating a client's knee with craniosacral therapy

Nicky Withers


Nicky is an experienced Craniosacral therapist based in Taunton and Somerset.

She has been working in complementary health care for 30 years, helping clients of all ages with a wide variety of problems

Clients appreciate her depth of knowledge and warm friendly approach.

Nicky Assists Clients With

Man sitting down holding his back in pai

Physical Pain

Working with your body to relieve pain and restore function. 

Stress, Anxiety and Low Mood 

Helping your nervous system to relax. Building resources. Restoring your confidence to manage your wellbeing.

Woman with a worried expression
Young couple holding their crying baby


Working with pregnancy and birth. Helping babies, children and teenagers with physical problems, anxiety and emotional difficulties. 

Keeping Well

Building energy. Finding stillness in a busy world.

Young woman smiling with the sun rising behind her

Contact Nicky

For more information, to book an appointment, or to book a new client consultation, contact Nicky. Distance sessions are also available.

After a fall on to the back of my head when I was 40, I have had a painful neck most of the time. I am now 78 and Nicola and Craniosacral was recommended to me. It has changed my life, I am so much better.

Wendy C

Nicky has successfully treated me for various health issues for over 15 years now - she is professional, calm and caring. I value her skills greatly and recommend her without hesitation

Tracy H

When I had neck pain, I’d remembered in the session a head and neck injury decades before. The memory of it emerged, and through the work was able to be resolved. I felt I was able to move my neck more freely and without pain.

Jane G