Craniosacral Therapy

Who is it for?

Craniosacral works well with just about everyone, from newborns, children and teenagers through to elderly adults.

Because of its whole-body approach and emphasis on working with the cause rather than the symptoms, Craniosacral may help a very wide range of health problems.

Clients come with many causes of physical pain including injuries, sciatica, migraines, frozen shoulder, birth trauma, dental trauma, neck pain, pelvic problems and joint conditions and many more.

Long term illnesses and stress related symptoms including IBS, tinnitus, sinusitis, respiratory conditions, exhaustion and sleep problems. 

Alongside your medical regimen such as chemotherapy and following surgery, Craniosacral may support healing and enhance wellness.

Anxiety, stress and low mood are often held in the body physiology. CST supports understanding and healing of current stress and past trauma.

As part of staying well a session of CST every month or two supports, a calm nervous system promotes vitality and will often iron out any of life's little niggles.

Craniosacral Therapy works alongside the advice and treatment of your medical doctor and is in no way intended to replace it.