I am an accredited Supervisor registered with the Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA) and member of the CSTA Supervision committee.

As a teacher of Craniosacral therapy, I have enjoyed being part of the journey from student to professional. The process of moving into practice is different for everyone. I offer practical supervision that supports your individual needs as you make this transition. This can take the form of tutorials to revisit course material, mentoring as you build a practice and encouragement as you develop confidence in your own unique style of working.

Going forward, supervision is a great way to explore the challenges that come up through your work. Offering an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of yourself within the context of client relationships.

With 30 years of my own clinical work, and it’s highs and lows, I can offer experience, empathy and an honest approach to support you to delve into areas of your practice that call for attention.

I have regular supervision myself, finding that it enriches my practice and stimulates my personal growth.

As well as undertaking CPD, I regularly assist on post-graduate trainings spending time with many innovators of our work. This keeps me up to date with latest developments in the profession.