“Nicky has successfully treated me for various health issues for over 15 years now - she is professional, calm and caring. I value her skills greatly and recommend her without hesitation.”

Tracey H

“Treatments with Nicky always leave me feeling much more deeply connected to myself. She has really helped me with some difficult pelvic issues as well as with the stresses and strains of a busy life; somehow I emerge feeling more spacious and lighter. There have been sessions when I have touched a sense of such deep stillness, something that can only be called spiritual almost angelic – Nicky is a rare, wonderful and very professional practitioner.”

Sarah N

“Nicky was an immense help to my son Charlie. He was born by emergency caesarean and spent the first two weeks in intensive care. He was diagnosed with severe reflux and was often sick and in quite a lot of pain. We saw Nicky for 6 sessions and after every session we noticed a marked improvement. Charlie became more alert and he seemed to be in less pain. Nicky was patient, kind and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her services.”

Hermione W

“After a fall on to the back of my head when I was 40, I have had a painful neck most of the time. I am now 78 and Nicola and Craniosacral was recommended to me. It has changed my life, I am so much better.”

Wendy C

“Nicola is fab and really helped my daughter.”

Stefanie B

“I was prescribed some blood pressure pills by my doctor which had some bad side effects and gave me myalgia.  My doctor told me there was no medical treatment to cure this and I was at a loss as to what I could do.

I am very glad I contacted you. Your treatment is very subtle, but after each session and a period of recovery,  the improvements would gradually be noticed. I now manage far better than I could have imagined without your help. My pain has been greatly reduced and I manage to sleep better.


I would recommend your services to anyone with problems similar to mine.”

Dave R

“I have absolutely no idea how remote CST works but it does - powerfully and subtly. For me it has confirmed that there is so much at a vibrational and energetic level that we do not understand, but in Nicky's expert and sensitive hands a connection is made remotely that we both feel. She has accurately pinpointed specific issues in my body that I did not tell her about and sensations that arise during the session did not form part of my medical history. I am feeling deep shifts within my system that are what I would expect with CST but somehow fuller and more. I totally trust the process and Nicky, and am continuing my sessions in awe.”

Melanie H

“My experience of Craniosacral therapy is that it is a process where my body ‘gets to speak its mind’ and Nicky responds with care and attention.

I like that Nicky listens to what I need, and is able to tune in to how my energy is, and when low she is able to support my system to have more energy. I can feel my system fall into a quieter and calmer energy, one that is healing and switches off the busyness of life.

When I had neck pain, I’d remembered in the session a head and neck injury decades before. The memory of it emerged, and through the work was able to be resolved. I felt I was able to move my neck more freely and without pain.”

Jane G