Craniosacral Therapy

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What to Expect

On your first session, extra time will be allowed for you to tell me why you have come. I will ask questions about past experiences, medical history and lifestyle to help me understand factors that may be contributing to your current symptoms. With your permission, I will make notes for my records.

During treatment, you will lie fully clothed on my treatment couch or sit in a chair. Once you are comfortable, I will make a light contact with your body and start to listen through my hands to what is going on under the skin. I will move to different places during the session according to where the treatment is needed. No external force is used.

Sessions are usually relaxing and clients often doze off. You may feel warmth, tingling and other subtle sensations as your body engages with healing and repair. 

After the session, I will give you some feedback and my recommendations for treatment going forward.

Clients often have more energy after sessions but tiredness can also emerge if your nervous system has been working hard and starts to relax. Symptoms can sometimes feel stronger temporarily as your body engages it’s healing mechanisms.