Craniosacral Therapy

Working with Families


CST can offer help that is safe and effective.

Common reasons for seeking treatment are back and pelvis pain and digestive problems. It may help address any physical strains, allowing your body to find the best alignment as birth approaches. Sometimes pregnancy can be a bit of a roller coaster and support with anxiety is needed. 

Mum and Baby

When birth has been difficult and sometimes traumatic, both Mum and baby may need help to recover emotionally and physically. CST sessions can offer a supportive space for both to connect and settle around their shared experience. 

Babies may develop problems in the early months, particularly as the infant skull settles from the birth. Common reasons for seeking help are colic, reflux, feeding difficulties, stiff necks, sleep issues and general unhappiness.

For Mums, sessions can help the body to realign, supporting the back and the pelvic floor tissues to recover and heal.

Children and Teenagers

Physical pain and injuries can be safely treated by the non-invasive approach of CST where more mechanical treatment isn’t appropriate.

The pressure of school, social life, and the strains of a busy family life can result in anxiety for some children. The huge neurological and hormonal changes occurring in adolescence can add another layer to this, sometimes leading to depression and overwhelm. CST can help regulate the nervous system and build resources to support health and resilience through the childhood years.


Holding the fort, supporting their partners through birth and adjusting to life as a family can be challenging. CST sessions may help rest the nervous systems and build energy and resilience.

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