Craniosacral Therapy

Hands-Free Healing

Having a session from a distance is a different way of receiving treatment that is extremely effective. It is surprising how much it feels like a 'hands-on' session.

Why choose hands-free treatment?

Being treated at home is more relaxing and enables you to settle quickly into the session. It is more time efficient for busy people and provides help for people who are 'shielding' or too fragile to travel. For some people lying still on a treatment couch is uncomfortable or a clinic setting causes anxiety. You can have treatment with me wherever you are.

What happens in a session?

We meet online using a video link or by phone.

Following an initial consultation, I invite you find a comfortable position and verbally help you to settle into your body.

I tune in and make contact as if you were in the room with me and the session begins. We stay in verbal contact throughout the session.

Clients are surprised at what they can sense as their body engages with me, making changes and adjustments throughout the session.

Once the session is completed I will encourage you to rest. This pause allows your body integrate the changes before getting on with your day. 

How does it work?

Our body is both physical and energetic. The physical body has well defined boundaries. The lighter energy body extends outside of these physical boundaries interacting with wider energy fields and rhythms of the natural world. Treatment from a distance works with you in these wider energy fields but changes also manifest in your physical body.

In my experience, treatment is often more efficient as people are at home and already relaxed. I have noticed that change is often faster and works on a deeper level.